LJL design, llc  is based in Houston Texas headed up by Kathleen Sheldon whom has been in both the soft goods/apparel industry and have worked and provided services for residential interiors of walls and flooring as well as worked with management companies as a sub contractor providing Division 9 services on commercial projects .    In  working with contractors, her expertise has expanded into water remediation and restoration projects for both residential and commercial properties.

LJL design provides Soft Goods Design and Development services through manufacturing as well.  Soft goods consists in prototyping of customers concepts in a variety of industries and mediums including foams, protective products and apparel, aerospace and space industries.Products are not shared on this site for many are working patents not for us to share at this time.

She has acquired an extensive clientele throughout her career as an entrepreneur since 1991. A few previous clientele are as follows;

                :  Design / Private Label MFG   :              :   Product Development / MFG  :               :  D- 9 Commercial / Residential  :

                                    NASCAR                                                           NASA                                            JCPennys

                                    Dyncorp                                                         Mambo                                5 in Houston / 4 in Dallas

                                  Paramount                                   Cross Colours                              Hilton Gardens Houston

                                Disney CA / FL                                                Coolerhides                          Bid with large Contractors for,

                              Universal Studios                                            Main Squeeze                               Bass Pro, Saks 5th Ave, many Hotels

                              State Department                                 Cheeky Plum                      Residential- Malibu CA,  Roswell NM

                          Department of Justice                                        FLEOSHORTS                                     River Oaks and Houston Texas



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